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Trine Fosser is a certified veterinarian currently working at Nesodden veterinary clinic. She also has her own company where she focuses on horses.

Equimag is a pulsating magnetic therapy product (short PMFT), did you have any previous experience with PMFT through your work or studies?

Trine Fosser: No, I had no previous experience with PMFT.The technology was not even mentioned in my veterinary education! Since I have an interest in horses I knew of the magnetic blankets that Equitherapeuts used but I knew little of the technology or possible appliances.

Treatment with pulsating magnetic fields have a broad field of use, which cases have you experienced an effect?

Trine Fosser: I have used Equimag mostly with aching backs and stiff musculature. I have found the blanket to be excellent on horses with aching or stiff backs. I always check these cases first with chiropractic techniques. The intensive rod is excellent for muscle knots and muscle tension. I don't do massage, so instead I use the Intensive rod to effectively increase blood circulation to the treatment area. I have used the leg wraps on legs with diffuse swelling or limpness with good results.

How are your patients reacting to the treatment?

Trine Fosser: Most of them react by licking, yawning or chewing (good signs that tensions are dissapearing) - I can tell they really enjoy it. I have also ecountered some that find it to be annoying or stressful, mostly with horses that have had injuries for a long time. I suspect that in these cases the horses find it uncomfortable at first to have the injured areas "re-activated".

Pulsating magnetic therapy is a natural treatment method not requiring anestetichs to use, are you seeing an increase in the request of natural non-invasive treatment methods?

Trine Fosser: Absolutely. A lot of my customers have already been through the "conservative veterinary medicine", which I like to call it, and want to try something else. They are open minded and trust my decision when suggesting alternative treatment methods. Most have not heard of PMFT, it's simply not broadly known yet. It's up to me to decide treatment methods and they trust my decision on this.

Have you noted anything about Equimag treatments that clearly differetiates itself from other treatment methods?

Trine Fosser: I think it's a very effective treatment method with a broad area of use. It's very easy to use compared to other methods like ultrasound (which I have more experience with), you don't have to prep the treatment area by shaving, using gels or anestethics. The treatment also gives very easy to read feedbacks from the patient, you can feel the heat increase from the increased bloodflow. I like that the product is developed by and for veterinarians, it's an indicator for me that the product fullfills the strict requirements we veterinarians demand of our equipment.

Thank you for answering our questions. Lastly, how can customers reach you?

I am on Facebook ("Veterinær Trine R. Fosser"), or you can reach me by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or by phone 99 16 07 55.